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WONDER PAWS - Agility Time!

Stretch your dog's mind!! Dog Agility is a really great way to improve the human-animal bond and to teach dogs new skills. It's a great outlet for active dogs and a confidence builder for shy dogs.....If you are looking for something fun to do with your dog, Agility is for you!


Our approach to agility is reward-based and positive, keeping it fun for both dogs and owners.  We ask that each dog is relatively fit and healthy and able to work in a group with other dogs and people. We have at least 2 instructors per group of 6 dogs and our equipment is international competition standard, made by the top agility equipment manufacturer in the UK.


Agility is a popular canine sport in which the ultimate goal is teamwork: a handler directs a dog through a variety of obstacles such as a tunnel, see-saw, hoop, A-frame, walker, weave poles and standard winged jumps.


-  Agility fulfills a dog’s natural instincts

-  Agility is great exercise for your dog

-  Agility helps owners & dogs get in shape

-  Agility helps strengthen the bond between owner and dog


Your dog’s responsibility is to execute the agility obstacles, or in dog terms, running, jumping, climbing etc.  Your responsibility is to direct the dog on the course and show them where to go next.  


Agility is all about speed and precision, and is great exercise for both you and your dog!  Agility is a great confidence builder for timid dogs, or a great energy release for those dogs that are just too wound up.   The bond that training and competing creates between dog and handler is like no other.  You learn how to communicate through motion and body cues.   A successful agility team of dog & owner is not necessarily the fastest, but a team in which motion is smooth and flawless. 

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ON-LEASH Handling for Beginners - 4 x 60 mins - €99


Our Beginners sessions introduce dogs and handlers to basic Agility equipment including jumps, hoop, tunnel, A-frame, dog-walk, weave-poles and long jump using positive rewards.   A dog steps over a jump? There’s a party... a ton of treats, so much excitement!  It's a Win-Win for your dog!


​No of attendees:   max 6 dogs (plus all members of the family welcome)


age:  for Adult dogs 12 months + 

pre-requisite:  full set of up-to-date vaccinations including kennel cough​ and no underlying health issues or injuries (pls bring proof of vaccination with you at first visit)

course dates:

  • Week 1 class: Sunday 13th January, 3-4pm

  • Week 2 class: Sunday 20th January, 3-4pm

  • Week 3 class: Sunday 27th January, 3-4pm

  • Week 4 class: Sunday 3rd January, 3-4pm

PUPPY AGILITY COURSE - Foundation & Active Balance Training  

1hr x 4 Weekly classes  €60


Our NEW Active Balance Canine Equipment provides a technique for training young puppies in safe, new, fun things to do.  It engages puppies in non-concussive controlled activities which promotes muscle development without causing trauma to juvenile joints and bones.  


Specific exercises and techniques allow dogs to engage in safe low impact activities.

  • Improve and develops muscle tone

  • Builds core stability

  • Increases joint range of motion

  • Increases mobility and flexibility

  • Balance and coordination are enhanced

  • Improves posture

  • Expands body awareness and sensory integration

  • Improves and enhances proprioception.

  • Increases self control and self confidence


Active Balance Canine Equipment is also designed to fulfill the needs of all canines in areas of

  • Agility foundation training

  • Conditioning

  • Reducing the risk of injury

  • Injury and neurological rehabilitation

  • Maintenance Performance enhancement.

  • Postural realignment


​No of attendees:   6 pups


age:  5-12 months

pre-requisite:  basic puppy course at Wonder Paws or another training school PLUS full set of up-to-date vaccinations including kennel cough​ and no underlying health issues or injuries (pls bring proof of vaccination with you at first visit)


OFF-LEASH Intermediate Handling Skills Classes: 4 x 60 mins - €80


Continue to unlock your dogs agility potential. Now that your dog is comfortable with the foundations, it's time to step it up a notch. 



  • Improve your own handling and communication with your dog in order to build a partnership and effectively direct your dog through a full agility course . 

  • Develop further off leash control and precision with your dog on the agility circuits. 

  • Master some of the complex manoeuvers required to navigate obstacles with ease and speed.

  • Individual coaching to maximise you and your dogs agility potential. 

  • Course combines a mixture of target specific lesson plans as well as well full course runs.


age:  Adult dogs 12 months + 

pre-requisite:   Completion of at least 1 x 4-week Foundation Agility course plus full set of up-to-date vaccinations including kennel cough​ and no underlying health issues or injuries. 


numbers:   Max 6 dogs


4 x 60 min classes - €75


Improver's students work OFF-LEASH on full height Championship course. Dog-walk, A-frame, winged jumps, hoops, channel weaves, tunnel, soft tunnel, see-saw and long jump.  


Classes comprises a mix of:

- Improvers Skills Sets:  to practice technique over individual equipment pieces and improve off-leash focus & handling

- Improvers Course:  to practice skills over a fun and challenging course.


age:  for Adult dogs 12 months + 


​No of attendees:   max 6 dogs 

pre-requisite:  Intermediate Agility graduates with full set of up-to-date vaccinations including kennel cough​ and no underlying health issues or injuries.


Supervised 90mins with full 22-piece agility course


If you're an exisiting agility club or dog-lovers group or just friends with dogs and you'd like to enjoy a private session of agility together then we can facilitate your wish.


age:  Adult dogs 12 months + 

pre-requisite:   full set of up-to-date vaccinations including kennel cough​ and no underlying health issues or injuries. 


numbers:   Max 6 dogs per session