We are delighted to host 4-week puppy courses at Douglas Community Hall in Cork City PLUS private 1-2-1 dog training consults, in-home pre-vaccinated puppy consults (under 12 weeks) and minor behavioural consults. 
For enquiries, text/call Aoife at Wonder Paws Cork on 087 3917093 or email cork@wonderpaws.ie
We also have a unique Puppy Preparation 2-part Consult for families or individuals who are planning the addition of a new puppy into the family or have just brought a new puppy into their home and family.  This 2-part 75min consult is PERFECT for NEW PUPPY PARENTS!


Wonder Paws CORK
4-Week GROUP Puppy Training & Socialisation Course​
at Douglas Community Hall, Church Road, Douglas, Cork


We believe its better to "BUILD-UP a puppy than FIX a dog" so we place huge emphasis on early socialisation & FUN training using positive, force-free, reward based training. 


Our 4-week Puppy course will prepare your new puppy for life in our human world, build up essential life skills, boost confidence and develop a strong and healthy bond with all members of the family.   Also educates new puppy parents and supports them through this often challenging time! 

- Sit, Down, Wait, Come, Go to Mat, STAY, Leave-It/Take It

- Hand-signals & verbal cues

- Fading food lures

- Loose-lead walking techniques

- Key socialisation with other puppies, children and strangers

- Puppies learn vital canine communication, how to regulate play interactions and bite-inhibition
- Puppy body-handling

- Training for grooming

- Building a Reliable Recall

- Manage puppy behaviours like play-biting, jumping, chewing etc

- House training and crate training

- Boosts SHY puppies confidence & helps prevent fear-based behaviours
Little Paws Course 10 weeks - 17 weeks (at Week 1 date)

          Teen Paws Course  18 weeks - 24 weeks (at Week 1 date)

pre-requisite:  full vaccinations plus canine cough vaccination

duration:  4 x 1hr weekly classes  (max 6 puppies per class)

location:  Douglas Community Hall, Church Road, Douglas - see MAP

price: €99 per puppy for group course

Puppy Prep in your own home -  2 x 75 mins​ classes 


So you’re about to get a puppy or your new arrival has just landed in your home!   Whether adopting from a rescue or buying from a breeder, integrating him into your life is very much a “pay now-collect later” endeavour.  The more work you put in up front – expectation-setting, effort, time & training – the easier it’ll be for the next 10-15 years! 


Session 1 (ideally before puppy arrives):

  • Expectation-setting

  • Essential Equipment

  • Containment and management

  • Settling puppy in: the initial days

  • House-training programme

  • Crate-training programme

  • Nutrition advice

  • Planning puppy's pre-vax socialisation experiences


2nd session (1 week after puppy arrives):

  • Trouble Shooting

  • House-training issues

  • Basic Impulse control

  • Intro to Lead walking

  • Intro to recall

  • Intro to Sit & Down

  • Appropriate Exercise advice

  • Alone Training

* for puppies from 7-12 weeks of age

** If your puppy is over 12 weeks, please book a one-off consult or 4-week Puppy Course


price:  €150 (2 x 75mins classes in your own home)

PRIVATE IN-HOME Training Class - 75min session

For dogs of all ages, if the class environment if not right for your dog or when your dog has a particular training issue to address and modify.  Classes can take place in the home environment or local park etc:



- Specific training issue

- Help with unwanted behaviours

- Training an acceptable alternative behaviour

- Motivation & Rewards

- Dog care & welfare

- Nutrition & Enrichment Feeding

- Exercise Requirements

- Personalised training notes & telephone support


price:  €75 per 75min session

locations covered:  Cork City and surrounding areas

PRIVATE IN-HOME Dog Training Course (4 x 60 session) 



Perfect for owners who cant make group classes or have particular training issues to tackle in the home environment:



-  4 x 60 min sessions in your own home/locality

-  Basic Commands:

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stay

  • Wait

  • Leave-it

  • No-jumping

  • "Go to mat"

  • Recall

  • Loose-lead walking

- Motivation & Rewards

- Impulse control & Bite Inhibition

- Nutrition Advice & Enrichment Feeding

- Dog care & welfare

- Personalised training notes


price:  €275 per course

Loose Lead Walking - 75min Practical Training Session at your own home location

Many, many owners experience the frustration of setting out for a nice walk with your dog but instead endure an unpleasant, arm-pulling experience that is uncomfortable for both owner and dog. For some owners, the problem is so bad, it leads to our companion dogs not being exercised and socialised sufficiently which may lead to more behaviour problems, or worse, surrender to the pound or rescue.

Our 75-minute intensive training session will give you & your dog the practical skills required to develop and progress loose-lead walking together. 


- Exercise & Socialisation
- Motivation & Rewards
- Practical Loose-lead techniques
- Loose-lead walking with distractions
- Useful Loose-lead equipment 


dog's age:  all ages welcome


pre-requisite:  Fully vaccinated, healthy, human-friendly dog 

price: €75