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Covid-19 Protocols at Wonder Paws:

At Wonder Paws we are following the advice of the HSE & Government and want to share with you the precautions we are taking in relation to Covid-19. 


These strict protocols are in place to enable us to continue our Puppy Classes (while Government Guidelines allow) so our young puppy clients are not impacted for life by missing their critical socialisation period (3-18 weeks).  


Please respect these protocols, as they are in all our best interests and enable us to honour your puppies current needs:

  1. Maximum 2 ADULTS ONLY (16+) per puppy in the class - if you have younger children, please do not bring them into the arena or the seating area adjacent. We love having families in our classes but until this crisis has passed it's best they do not attend. If you must bring your children with you because they cannot be left at home alone - please leave them in the car with books or other entertainment if they are old enough.

  2. Class numbers are limited to 5 PUPPIES with a minimum of 3 meter distance between each puppy in class to comply with current social distancing guidelines

  3. When waiting in Car Park to enter class, please observe a 3 meter distance between puppies/dogs and their care-givers

  4. Please use the sanitising gel at entrance to class areas - you will notice your Trainers using hand sanitiser before, during and after classes.  There are also washroom facilities at all our locations so you can additionally wash your hands on entering/exiting your class

  5. Please bring sufficient treats for class as we will NOT be circulating or sharing additional treats during this time

  6. All supplementary Playgroups are cancelled until further notice

  7. IF you are affected by COVID-19 or are self-isolating, just let us know and we will defer your course until you are given the approval by your doctor to return.

  8. IF government guidelines change and classes have to be cancelled, we will notify you IMMEDIATELY by email and text.


While Government guidelines allow, we are committed to continuing to teach our classes and offering the best care possible to your puppies and dogs. We hope our current protocols make all our human clients feel safe and comfortable in continuing to attend classes, provided you are healthy and well. 


Thank you for your co-operation.



The Wonder Paws Team 

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