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- CORK: Douglas Community Centre, Church Rd, Cork


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PRIVATE training & Day training

We understand that not everyone has the time or schedule to attend a 5-week group class . We have 2 options to choose from - a one-off 60 minute class to deal with a specific issue or a 4 x 60 minute course to give your dog the full basic obedience schooling in your own home or local park.
We also offer Day-training where your dog spends the day with one of our trainers at our Bray location to learn new skills.
We have a unique Pre-Puppy Preparation Class for families or individuals who are planning the addition of a new puppy into the family.  We can also advise on breed suitability to your family's particular lifestyle and have details of responsible, quality breeders whose puppy's we have trained.


Pre-Puppy Preparation in your own home -  2 x 60 mins​ classes 



So you’re about to get a puppy or your new arrival has just landed in your home!   Whether rescuing or buying from a breeder, integrating him into your life is very much a “pay now-collect later” endeavor.  The more work you put in up front – expectation-setting, effort, time & training – the easier it’ll be for the next 15 years! 



-  Expectation-setting

-  Essential Equipment

-  Containment and management

-  Settling puppy in: the initial days and weeks

-  House-training programme

-  Crate-training programme

-  Nutrition & Exercise advice

-  Planning puppy's pre-vax socialisation experiences

-  1st session before puppy arrives and 2nd session after puppy arrives


price:  €150 (incl 2 x 60mins classes in your own home & a 6ft training lead)

PRIVATE IN-HOME Dog Training Class - 75min session



Perfect for owners who cant attend group classes or have particular behavioural issues to tackle in the home environment:



- Specific behavioural issue

- Basic Commands to train an acceptable alternative behaviour

- Motivation & Rewards

- Dog care & welfare

- Nutrition & Exercise

- Personalised training notes


price:  €99 per session


PRIVATE IN-HOME Dog Training Course (4 x 75min session) 



Perfect for owners who cant make group classes or have particular behavioural issues to tackle in the home environment:



-  4 x 75min sessions in your own home/locality

-  Basic Commands:

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stay

  • Wait

  • Leave-it

  • No-jumping

  • "Go to mat"

  • Recall

  • Loose-lead walking

- Motivation & Rewards

- Dog care & welfare

- Personalised training notes


price:  €395 per course

DAY TRAINING (Day-Care & Personal Dog Training) 


Perfect for owners who are busy out working and dont have the time to train basic commands or simply want a refresher session.  Drop your dog to our Bray location and collect at the end of the day.


How Does it Work:

  • You drop off your dog between 8.30-9am on 'school' days and pick him up again between 4-5pm in the afternoon.

  • We work with your dog in intensive and individual training sessions throughout the day (dogs learn much better in short, sharp bursts).

  • Playtime - your dog gets the chance for supervised off-leash play in our secure garden and on-leash walks

  • At the end of the session, we explain how to transfer what your dog has learned with us to his behavior with you at home and in the  world.


PLEASE NOTE: Newly trained behaviours will need to be practised and rewarded by the owner  to maintain.


3 Basic Commands covered in one day session (pick 1 behaviour from each group):

  • Group 1:

    • Sit & Down

    • "Leave-It"

  • Group 2:

    • Location training: "Go to mat"

    • Wait

  • Group 3:

    • Improve Recall

    • Stay

    • Improve Loose-lead walking


price:  €99 per dog per day (9am drop-off -5pm), includes clicker & Training lead


pre-requisites:  up-to-date vaccinations 


suitability:  dogs over 6 months, non-reactive and dog-friendly - IF YOUR DOG IS REACTIVE CLICK HERE for an assessment


This unique course is designed for dog-reactive dogs & their owners. Helps owners to understand and recognise body-language and fear behaviours, teaches management skills for owners & steady desensitization to other dogs using positive reward based methods, with real life scenarios:

- 4 x  private 75min practical classes with our trainer and your dog
- Obedience exercises to improve reactive management

- Muzzle Training if required

- Gradual de-sensitization to other dogs
- Classes are on a 1:2:1 basis with our specialist trainer at our Bray location


age:  8 months+  (at course commencement date)

pre-requisite:  full vaccinations including kennel cough

duration:  4 x 75min private sessions

price: €395 per dog (max 2 adult handlers per dog)