....two private acres of safe, secure, canine enrichment! 

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We're open on a non-contact basis during Level 5 Restrictions
In 2019 we created our private-hire 2-acre dog adventure park for pet dogs and their families who struggle to find appropriate enrichment and exercise areas for their shy, reactive, restricted breeds or elderly, deaf or blind dogs who would benefit from the freedom to sniff, stroll, run, dig and express natural canine behaviours in a fully fenced, safe, secure environment.
Our unique space is also super for training!  Especially young puppies and rescues dogs learning recall or adolescent dogs who have forgotten their recall!!!
Our dog park is run on a private hire basis so you have 2 acres to yourself and your dog(s) to enjoy for an hour.

Features Include: Agility taster course, Dig-pit, scent pots, living-willow dome and tunnels, wooden bridge, weave poles, tree walk, wobble-board, plastic tunnels, cavaletti jumps, tyre ring, paddling pool in summer and lots more...  Picnic benches for the humans to relax so bring a picnic!

location: Wonder Paws Dog Adventure Park, Beech Hill Farm Allotments, Scalp Road, Enniskerry.  Please key BEECH HILL ALLOTMENTS into your Sat Nav or Google Maps or use this GOOGLE MAP LINK HERE

price for 1-hour private-hire:  €15 for 1 dog, €25 for 2-3 dogs, 4-5 dogs €40, 6 dogs €50

session times:  hourly from 08:30hrs till sunset, 365 days

booking:  Click the button below for LIVE monthly availability and online booking  (secure payment via Stripe)

The schedule is released on a monthly basis in advance

Pre-requisite: Full, up-to-date vaccinations and 12-week worming /flea treatments are required.  

enquiries: email dogpark@wonderpaws.ie or TEXT 087 4344076