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Our Training Courses at Dogs Trust Dublin

 - giving puppies the best possible start...


Wonder Paws are delighted to host 4-week training courses for Dogs Trust Ireland's newly rehomed puppies (10 weeks - 7months) and their new families at the Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre, Ashbourne Road, Finglas.   Courses are run on a rolling basis every Tuesday from 7pm and ALL puppies are welcome to attend, not just adopted pups!


All profits from these courses go to Dogs Trust Ireland.

Training will help your new puppy settle into their new home, opening up a new line of communication and developing a strong bond.  Because arriving in a new home can be a stressful experience for a dog, training helps create structure and routine, giving your puppy or adult dog the best start in their new life with your family.


Our experienced, compassionate trainers will guide you through the early weeks & months with clear, hands-on instruction in class.  We also provide dedicated teaching material and homework sheets with valuable email and telephone support throughout your course and beyond.



This 4-week course welcomes rehomed puppies who have had no previous formal training and would benefit from learning the basics and enjoying off-leash socialisation.   Helps new owners deepen the bond and develop clear communication with their new puppy, as well as managing typical puppy behaviours!

- Sit, Down, Wait, Come, Go to Mat, STAY, Leave-It/Take It

- Hand-signals & verbal cues

- Fading food lures

- Loose-lead walking techniques

- Key socialisation with other puppies, children and strangers

- Puppy handling and learning bite inhibition

- Off leash socialisation play sessions

- Building a Reliable Recall

- Manage puppy behaviours like play-biting, jumping, chewing etc

- Boosts SHY puppies confidence & helps overcome fear-based behaviours
age:  10 weeks - 24 weeks (at Week 1 date)

pre-requisite:  full vaccinations plus kennel cough vaccination

duration:  4 x 1hr weekly classes

  • CLASSES TAKE PLACE EVERY TUESDAY - please click the button below for up-to-date availability and online booking



New Students wont be accepted on a walk-in basis

price: €99 per puppy  



From our experience working with young & older shelter dogs we understand how important training is to both owner and their new four-legged friend. Rehoming can be very stressful for a dog, with new humans, new surroundings and new routines to get used to.  Training is a great confidence booster for both new owner and rehomed dog and starts you both on the road to developing a strong bond for life.

- Sit, Down, Wait, Stay, Leave-It/Take it, Go to Mat

- Hand-signals & verbal cues

- Fading food lures
- Reliable Recall

- Managing & improving Loose-lead walking

- Develop impulse control during this challenging developmental phase

- Supervised socialisation with other Teen puppies
- Manage problem behaviours like jumping-up, counter surfing etc
- Training boosts SHY dogs confidence & helps PRE-EMPT some fear-based behaviours

age:  From 6 -12 months+

pre-requisite:  dog-friendly dogs with full vaccinations plus kennel cough​ vaccination (


duration:  4 x 1hr weekly classes 


price: €99 per dog  


This 4-week intermediate level course is a continuation for pups that have completed a Wonder Paws 5-week Puppy course (within the previous 6 months of SmartyPup start date).  It progresses basic obedience skills and helps Teenage Pups learn focus, restore calmness and proof behaviours against distractions during this developmentally challenging period for care-givers.



- Developing and progressing behaviours learned at Level 1

- Introduce new behaviours

- Developing relaxation protocols for busy Teens!

- Prepare your dog for cafe visits and social outings

- Improve Impulse Control around humans and other dogs

- Improving Loose-Lead Walking and proofing against distractions

- Developing Auto-Check-ins to improve LLW and focus

- Developing polite greetings with humans and other dogs

- Lie-on Side (with Duration) for vet examinations



Course Goal: 
- Skill sharpening for owners and developing independent thinking and learning for your puppy 
- Improving mechanics and timing through clicker training

- Introducing capturing and self-rewarding training


Long Term Lessons:
- Capturing & reinforcing good behaviours: getting your timing on par

- Improving loose-lead technique
- Developing a stronger recall
- Foster creative thinking to avoid problem behaviours and teach new behaviours
- Progress relationship-centred training & strengthening owner-dog bond


age:  6 to 18 months (at course commencement date)

pre-requisite:  Wonder Paws Puppy Basic Training Course


location: Wonder Paws at Dogs Trust, Coldwinters, Ashbourne Road, Finglas

duration:  4 x 1hr weekly classes​​



price: €99 per puppy (max 5 places)



Dog Agility is a really great way to improve the human-animal bond and to teach rescue dogs new skills through physical and mental enrichment.  It's a great outlet for active dogs and a confidence builder for shy dogs.


Agility is a popular canine sport in which the ultimate goal is teamwork: a handler directs a dog through a variety of obstacles such as a tunnel, see-saw, hoop, A-frame, walker, weave poles and standard winged jumps.


-  Agility fulfills a dog’s natural instincts

-  Agility is great exercise for your dog

-  Agility helps owners & dogs get in shape

-  Agility helps strengthen the bond between owner and dog

Our Beginners sessions introduce dogs and handlers to basic Agility equipment including jumps, hoop, tunnel, A-frame, dog-walk, weave-poles and long jump using positive rewards.   A dog steps over a jump? There’s a party... a ton of treats, so much excitement!  It's a Win-Win for your dog!


​No of attendees:   max 6 dogs 


age:  for Adult dogs 12 months + 

pre-requisite:  full set of up-to-date vaccinations including kennel cough​ and no underlying health issues or injuries.


price: €99 per dog - 4 week course