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- CORK: Douglas Community Centre, Church Rd, Cork


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Our special 90minute practical workshops are ideal for complete beginners and improvers, and are focussed on giving dogs and owners tuition on specific training areas.  For some workshops (excluding the Kids Workshop & Dog Owners Workshop & Winter Enrichment) a basic level of training would be an advantage but is not a pre-requisite to attend. 

FREE! Dog Training & New Puppy Owners Workshop 

- 75 mins​ Q&A workshop for owners (dogs dont attend)


This workshop is for Humans Only, leave your pet at home and come learn about their behavior!  The content of this workshop is based on the scientific study and research of animal behavior and how dogs learn through positive reinforcement, along with the experience and teaching of our Trainers.


We also discuss responsible dog ownership, care & nutrition, puppy management, rescue dog adoption and training,  and an open Q&A session about common behavioural problems encountered by owners.



- Transitioning your home to a doggy lifestyle

- Settling in a new rescue or puppy

- Managing puppy behaviours

- Dog safety, care & welfare

- Training & Socialisation

- Setting boundaries 

- Behaviour issues

- Q&A


Loose-Lead Practical Workshop - 60 mins​ class - €29 per dog


We have all experienced the frustration of setting out for a walk with our dog but instead, having to endure an unpleasant, arm-pulling experience that is uncomfortable for both owner and dog.


For some owners, the problem is so bad, it leads to our companion dogs not being exercised and socialized sufficiently which can then lead to more behavior problems.


Our Loose-Lead workshop will give you the extra practical skills required to develop and progress loose-lead walking with your dog.  



-  Exercise & Socialisation

-  Motivation & Rewards

-  Practical Loose-lead techniques

-  Loose-lead walking with distractions

-  Loose-lead equipment 


age:  for dogs 6 months + 

pre-requisite:  full set of up-to-date vaccinations including kennel cough

Reliable Recall Practical Workshop 
90 mins​ class - €39 per dog

Some owners are so nervous about letting their companion dogs off-leash, their poor dogs have never experienced the joy of an off-leash hike or free-run on the beach!


Our Recall workshop will give you the practical skills required to develop your bond with your dog and build a reliable recall so your dog WANTS to come back to you!



-   Exercise & Socialisation

-   Motivation & Rewards

-   Practical recall techniques

-   Building reliability

-   Recall games


age:  for dogs 6 months + 

pre-requisite:  full set of up-to-date vaccinations including kennel cough

Nosey Dogs! Introducti[removed]on to Nose Work Workshop


60 mins​ class - €25 per dog
Imagine a 450 x 45 metre stretch of beach, 100 centimetres of sand deep - Did you know that dogs have the capacity to be able to sniff out the 2 grains of sand that smell different?


This Workshop will give you the tools to help your dog make the most of this amazing innate gift - all whilst having fun, reinforcing the dog-owner bond, and providing much-needed stimulation.



-   Teaching your dog to use his nose to find treats and objects

-   Scent discrimination - teaching your dog to pick out a particular smell

    from amongst others

-   Naming toys & teaching your dog to find them using his nose


age:  for dogs 9 months + 

pre-requisite:  full set of up-to-date vaccinations including kennel cough

WONDER PAWS Got Talent - Trick Training for Beginners!


60 mins​ class - €25 per dog

This workshop is fun filled and great for building a bond with your dog. On those rainy days tricks training is a great way to challenge you dog mentally. The first of a series of workshops, the tricks list is endless. This workshop although fun will work on your dogs self control and build the foundations of an agile mind and body. 


The world of tricks is endless and once you start you will be hooked. This workshop will also set you and your dog up for hours of fun. 



- Tricks training foundations 

- Extreme leave it 

- Peek-a-boo

- Body tricks:  jump

- Targeting:  foundations to closing doors


age:  for dogs 9 months + 

pre-requisite:  Basic Obedience Course plus full set of up-to-date vaccinations including kennel cough

Loose-Lead to Off-Lead - 60 mins​ class - €29 per dog

This workshop helps owners make a reliable and confident transition from Loose-lead walking to Off-leash.  Perfect for Agility students who wish to develop their dogs focus and control off-leash enabling them to build a smooth and faster motion over our Improver Agility courses.



-   develops control off-leash

-   builds owner confidence

-   improves focus on owner

-   enhances recall

-   perfect for Agility students


age for Adult dogs 6 months + 

pre-requisite:  Part 1 Loose-Lead Workshop or good existing Loose-lead

WINTER ENRICHMENT Practical Workshop 

- 90 mins​ class - €39 per dog


We all still need to exercise our dogs but we understand that winter weather sometimes makes it hard. There are thing you can do with your dog to help keep away the winter blues. Mental enrichment is just as important as physical exercise and especially important on days where your 3 walks a day might get reduced to 2. Dogs have a set of behaviours that come naturally to them and it is our job to provide acceptable outlets for these needs - sniff, chew, hold, chase, pull apart and dig. 



- Search Games

- Tug: Engage & Drop

- Alternative "digging" games

- Fun Fetch!

- Go to Mat & Settle with Kong


dog's age:  dogs 4 months + 

pre-requisite:  full set of up-to-date vaccinations including kennel cough


- 90 mins​ class - €39 per dog (max 2 handlers per dog)


Our Kids Dog Training & Agility workshop is a great way to introduce young dog lovers to fun training & agility in a safe, fun environment.  Kids aged 8-14 with dog-friendly dogs welcome!



- Basic Commands:

  • SIT

  • DOWN




- Motivation & Rewards

- Dog safety, care & welfare

- Agility Fun & Games

- FUN Tricks

- Completion Certificate & Rosette 


dog's age:  8 months + 

pre-requisite:  full set of up-to-date vaccinations including kennel cough