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- Sandyford Community Centre, Lambs Cross, Co Dublin

- Wonder Paws Puppy Park, Beech Hill Allotments, Enniskerry

- CORK: Douglas Community Centre, Church Rd, Cork


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PRIVATE consults & training

We understand that not everyone has the time or schedule to attend a 5-week group class . We have 2 options to choose from - a one-off 75 minute class to deal with a specific training issue or a 4 x 75 minute course to give your dog the full basic obedience schooling in your own home or local park.
We have a unique Puppy Preparation Consulation for families or individuals who are planning the addition of a new puppy into the family.  We can also advise on breed suitability to your family's particular lifestyle and have details of responsible, quality breeders whose puppy's we have trained in addition to rescue organisations we work with.


PRIVATE IN-HOME Training Class - 75min session

For dogs of all ages, if the class environment if not right for your dog or when your dog has a particular training issue to address and modify.  Classes can take place in the home environment or local park etc:



- Specific training issue

- Help with unwanted behaviours

- Training an acceptable alternative behaviour

- Motivation & Rewards

- Dog care & welfare

- Nutrition & Enrichment Feeding

- Exercise Requirements

- Personalised training notes & telephone support


price:  €99 per session

locations covered:  South and West Dublin, North Wicklow

Puppy Prep in your own home -  2 x 75 mins​ classes 


So you’re about to get a puppy or your new arrival has just landed in your home!   Whether adopting from a rescue or buying from a breeder, integrating him into your life is very much a “pay now-collect later” endeavour.  The more work you put in up front – expectation-setting, effort, time & training – the easier it’ll be for the next 10-15 years! 


Session 1 (ideally before puppy arrives):

  • Expectation-setting

  • Essential Equipment

  • Containment and management

  • Settling puppy in: the initial days

  • House-training programme

  • Crate-training programme

  • Nutrition advice

  • Planning puppy's pre-vax socialisation experiences


2nd session (1 week after puppy arrives):

  • Trouble Shooting

  • House-training issues

  • Basic Impulse control

  • Intro to Lead walking

  • Intro to recall

  • Intro to Sit & Down

  • Appropriate Exercise advice

  • Alone Training

price:  €175 (2 x 75mins classes in your own home)


* for puppies from 7-12 weeks of age

** If your puppy is over 12 weeks, please book a one-off consult or 4-week Puppy Course

PRIVATE IN-HOME Dog Training Course (4 x 75min session) 



Perfect for owners who cant make group classes or have particular training issues to tackle in the home environment:



-  4 x 75min sessions in your own home/locality

-  Basic Commands:

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stay

  • Wait

  • Leave-it

  • No-jumping

  • "Go to mat"

  • Recall

  • Loose-lead walking

- Motivation & Rewards

- Nutrition Advice & Enrichment Feeding

- Dog care & welfare

- Personalised training notes


price:  €395 per course

Loose Lead Walking 60min Practical Training Session at your own home location

Many many owners experience the frustration of setting out for a nice walk with your dog but instead endure an unpleasant, arm-pulling experience that is uncomfortable for both owner and dog. For some owners, the problem is so bad, it leads to our companion dogs not being exercised and socialized sufficiently which may lead to more behavior problems, or worse, surrender to the pound or rescue.

Our 60-minute intensive training session will give you & your dog the practical skills required to develop and progress loose-lead walking together. 


- Exercise & Socialisation
- Motivation & Rewards
- Practical Loose-lead techniques
- Loose-lead walking with distractions
- Useful Loose-lead equipment 


dog's age:  all ages welcome


pre-requisite:  A healthy, non-reactive, human-friendly dog*  


*reactivity is addressed in our 3-part course below)

price: €75 


This unique course is designed for dog-reactive dogs & their owners. Helps owners to understand and recognise body-language and fear behaviours, teaches management skills for owners & steady desensitization to other dogs using positive reward based methods, with real life scenarios:

- 3 x  private 60min practical classes with our trainer and your dog
- Obedience exercises to improve reactive management

- Muzzle Training if required

- Gradual de-sensitization to other dogs
- Classes are on a 1:2:1 basis with our specialist trainer


age:  8 months+  (at course commencement date)

pre-requisite:  full vaccinations including kennel cough​

duration:  3 x 60min private sessions

price: €295 per dog (max 2 adult handlers per dog)