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Loose Lead Walking 75min PRACTICAL WORKSHOP €39

Many many owners experience the frustration of setting out for a nice walk with your dog but instead endure an unpleasant, arm-pulling experience that is uncomfortable for both owner and dog. For some owners, the problem is so bad, it leads to our companion dogs not being exercised and socialized sufficiently which may lead to more behavior problems, or worse, surrender to the pound or rescue.

Our 75-minute workshop will give you & your dog the extra practical skills required to develop and progress loose-lead walking together. 


- Exercise & Socialisation
- Motivation & Rewards
- Practical Loose-lead techniques with clicker-training
- Loose-lead walking with distractions
- Useful Loose-lead equipment 


dog's age:  all ages welcome

pre-requisite:   full vaccinations plus kennel cough​

What to bring: 6ft training lead & clicker (available to buy on site)

price: €39


Tricks training focuses on having fun while training with your dog, it is a great bonding experience between you and your dog. Tricks training takes the partnership you developed in your obedience training and allows you to develop behaviours you can showcase and have endless fun with. Tricks training is not just for fun though, through tricks you develop better control, focus and trust between you and your dog, particular tricks develop core muscle strength, spinal flexibility, improved proprioception and stability.


Tricks training is a great way to spend a rainy day or to further enrich your dog’s life through training and mental work outs rather physical exercise like agility.

Some of the tricks covered during the session include: 

- Crawl - Take a bow - Guilty - Hoop jump - Target stick - Paw - High five 

- Peek -a-Boo - Which Hand? - Push ups - Spin - Twist - Look cute - Sit pretty 

- Say Your Prayers - Police Pat Down - Paws Up - Wave - Send around 

- Leg weaves - Figure of 8 - Roll over - Bang bang - Cross your paws


dog's age:  all ages welcome

pre-requisite:   full vaccinations plus kennel cough​

What to bring:  6ft training lead & lots of treats

price: €39


every month at Festina Lente Gardens

This monthly seminar is perfect for new puppy parents or for families who are considering getting a new puppy.  Its specifically for Humans Only, so leave your new pup at home and come learn about their training & behavior! The content of this workshop is based on the scientific study and research of animal behavior and how dogs learn through positive reinforcement, along with the experience and teaching of our Trainers.

We also discuss puppy management, responsible dog ownership, care & nutrition, preventing behaviour issues and an open Q&A session about common puppy problems encountered by new/novice owners.

- Transitioning your home to a doggy lifestyle
- Settling in a new puppy
- Managing puppy behaviours
- Dog safety, care & welfare
- Training & Socialisation
- Setting boundaries 
- Behaviour issues
- Q&A